Frequently Asked Questions by Health Center Employees

How do I access the CHV Online Registration Tool?

The CHV Voter Registration Tool makes it easy to register voters. It automatically uses the national registration form tailored for your state. You can access the tool from the tabs at the top of this page while you have a break during the enrollment process.

Are there any restrictions for how many people I can help register?

No. No state limits the number of people you can register to vote but check your state’s registration guide for more details.

What if your health center wants to use the state’s paper application form?

If you do not have a paper copy of your state form already you can obtain the state form by:

  1. Getting copies at your local or state election office. Most states and localities limit the number you can pick up.
  2. Downloading and copying the form from your state or county election website. Check the state guide for special instructions for copying registration forms or other restrictions. These vary state by state.

If you do use your state form rather than the Community Health Vote online tool, we recommend keeping a copy of the form for the purposes of following up with new registrants with voting information.

May I copy voter registration forms for follow-up purposes?

Most states allow this practice. See your state’s Voter Registration Guide for rules for your state. Be sure to keep copies in a secure location as the forms contain personal information.

Where should I direct an applicant if they want to get voter registration information for a spouse or family member?

You can keep a stock of paper registration forms to provide applicants to take one home for a family member. State forms have instructions on how to fill them out and where to return them. For more information on registering to vote in your state, click here for your state’s voter registration guidelines.